Tree Planting

Firewood is a source of power and life in Kibaale. Without it, you are unable to provide light in the night, cook your food or boil your unclean water so it will not poison you.

After some research by the people of the community, it was determined that Eucalyptus trees are great source for firewood! Our plan is plant around two thousand trees around the perimeter of our property where our orphanage will be. We would like to plant in shifts so that the trees are staggered in their growth.

This wood will provide our orphanage with essential power and we will also be able to help provide to surrounding community with firewood in exchange for some volunteer hours with our projects.

For this project, we need about $300.00. That will buy us 2,000 trees and pay the wages of those planting them! If you’re interested in this project, please visit our contact page to learn more or find out how you can help.