Fresh Water Well

As you can imagine, in our district, there is a constant struggle to have access to clean drinking water. There are two bore holes in the district we are working with which is simply not enough for all those people. With long lines and sometimes drought, there is no guarantee someone will have access to water.

Thousands fall sick to water born diseases that are completely preventable!

On our ten acres of land we have to build on, we would like drill a very deep and dependable fresh water well for the people in our area to be able to use. In the future, we can use this to connect to our orphanage we will be building on the property as well.

It is in a great location that will be a good centralized place for many to reap the benefits of clean sanitary water.

For this project, we need around $7,000 or an awesome organization that is interested in helping us provide clean water!

Please use our contact page if you would like to learn more or find out how you can help.