Empowering Women


After interviewing the various people in Kibaale to get to the bottom of why this poverty cycle exists, we found out that it can be related directly back to a lack of education and empowerment of the women. For years past, women have not been seen as equals in just about anything and especially in education. We are now seeing women entering the work force and attending Universities and actually earning an income! This is a relatively new concept in our area and it is not one that is completely accepted or practiced to everyone.

These women have been powerless for so long, now that they are able to take charge, they are not exactly sure how to and so they resort to remaining powerless and letting life happen with no control.

Unfortunately, part of life happening includes; disease, infidelity, physical abuse, malnourishment, starving, and ultimately, suffering. They rely on their husbands to support them and their children and stay home to keep the house, raise the children and grow crops for food. This has created a cycle of poverty that seems impossible to break through. They are completely dependent on the men in their family and it keeps them constantly at a lower level.

We decided that this wasn’t really an ideal situation and chose to do something about it! After several meetings and speeches to groups of women, we have been successful in creating our Women’s

Empowerment Projects                                                      women crafting

These projects were all thought up by the women of the community based on their skills and talents they knew they had. There are a handful of women in varying areas that know how to make certain things and have agreed to teach their skill to others and to come together and create a small business! I am so proud of these remarkable women for their courage and hard work!

The women make ceremonial baskets, table cloths, and mats to sleep on. These are all hand-made and are absolutely beautiful. They decided on these three items because it is something that everyone in the community needs and they will be in high demand and able to keep the business in their town.

BFoH has come along side these women and while we were there, we provided funds for 3 women’s groups to purchase supplies and get started! These women are from all walks of life but many of them are uneducated widowed women just trying to feed and care for their children.

Each of our women’s groups have three individual project managers to oversee the three different items. Each group has an average of 12-18 women in it. Then we have a Project Coordinator who is in charge of all three managers and oversees finances and distribution of materials.

Get Involved

There are so many ways that you can get involved with this project! The average cost for a start up bundle is about $250. This includes a sewing machine, thread, bundles of tree fibers (for baskets and mats), dye, needles, cotton material (for table cloths), Lace (for table clothes) and a few small various supplies like scissors, pencils and so on. The materials for this will last the women about three months and will make several of each item to sell!

We currently have three groups of women waiting patiently on the funds to start their own business.

We would love for you to get your family and friends involved and maybe create a small group of people to come together and sponsor a women’s group! Please use our contact page if you would like to learn more or find out how you can help.


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