BFoH is an organization creating sustainable community based programs targeted at breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering, educating, encouraging and loving those in it.

We are currently focusing our efforts on orphaned children, widowed women and the HIV positive population in Kibaale, Uganda.

We have discovered several major areas of concern and have come up with several community based sustainable programs targeted at breaking the cycle of poverty.

We have identified that a lack of education and opportunity for young women and girls, care for orphaned children and care and education for those affected with HIV/AIDS are among the most pressing issues we are working with. 

Our first community center is built in Kibaale, and now we are focusing on the finishings and funding programs to hold in it.

Some of our local projects include: girls leadership retreats, women empowerment groups, men’s sports leagues and accountability groups, adult education classes, HIV testing, counseling and education, child development training, planting crops, nutritional education and more.

BFoH is very intentional about not giving hand outs but offering a hand up.

It is our goal to empower men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty they have fallen into. It is our hope to see every child in school, boys and girls alike.

To see every child have a home to live in and a safe person caring for them. We want girls to know that they are not second class citizens and that they can be anything they want to be. We hope to foster a community who loves each other and helps each other through thick and thin.

We have partnered with a local Anglican Church in Kibaale and work with a wonderful team of leaders who run our programs and cares for the children in our care.

We are constantly looking for partners and volunteers, so fill out a contact form and join our mailing list for more info!

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