Uganda captured the heart of our founder when she visited for 6 weeks in the summer of 2012. The absolute beauty of the country, the rich history and most of all, the smiling faces of its children, sucked her in and she knew that would not be the last she saw of Uganda.

Uganda is recovering from the most awful and lesser known wars in its history.

Joseph Kony, a very bad man, is responsible for so much death, destruction and child enslavement. Children were abducted from their villages at night, forced to kill their own parents and made to join the brutal and horrible Lord’s Resistance Army.

The LRA wreaked havoc everywhere they went, killing, mutilating, raping and kidnapping anyone that stood in their way. Over 26 years under Kony’s rule, the LRA enslaved 300,000 children as soldiers and sex slaves.

Now, some of those children have escaped or been rescued and are trying to figure out how to come back to society. They have to learn how to live a normal life after being responsible for the murder and torture of hundreds under their own hands. These children are now growing up, having children of their own, and still not knowing how to live life.

And thus, we have a situation in Uganda.

There are an estimated 2.5 million children living as orphans as a result of death or abandonment of their parents.

They are often not able to go to school because they cannot afford school fees.

Without an education and a stable loving home for them to live, it is likely that they will repeat the cycle of the parents and bring more children into the world of poverty and oppression.

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